The Stevensons

Carrie (blog author): 
Writer, reader, dreamer. 
Mama, wife, daughter, sister.
Crazy dog lady. 
Anne of Green Gables lover. 
Cheese and wine connoisseur. 
As old-fashioned as they come.

Gamer, gamer, gamer.
Daddy, husband, son,brother.
 Trying to resist but steadily becoming a crazy dog man.
Dallas Cowboys lover.
Spicy food specialist.
Thoroughly modern, but I'm working on him.

Born 3-10-13
Pudgy, snuggly, opinionated, hilarious, sometimes a curmudgeon.
The best baby on the planet, clearly.
Nicknames: Hungry Jack, Fists of Fury, Lord Jack, Bunny
Sumo-stomps when he sees himself in the mirror
"Dances" to Irish music and Hanky Panky

The Dogs

3 years old!
American Kennel Club name: Maple Run's Angel, Second Class
Girly golden.
Timid around: vacuums, baby gates, aluminum foil, kindly old men.
Fearless around: Any dog ever.
Expert at: high-fives.
Peanut butter addict.

2 years old in December!
American Kennel Club name: Cabin Creek's Abominable Snowman
Goofy golden boy.
Timid around: Nothing.
Fearless around: Everything. For serious.
Expert at: useless skills like "touch" (bopping your hand with his nose)
Not a picky eater. Especially enjoys mulch.
Also a softie.

The Blog

Originally started as in June 2011 after I returned from our honeymoon and realized I was going to miss wedding planning a lot. Had to find some way to occupy my time and dump all my good (and not-so-good) ideas. Started writing about the sentimental, political, romantical, and ridiculous, and haven't grown out of it yet. Switched to in February 2012.